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Welcome to
                Our Shwe Pathein Umbrella Professional Showroom

Our company produces Myanmar Traditional Pathein Umbrellas which are long time and outstanding and famous the real handicraft.

Many kinds of umbrellas are produced in many countries, but Myanmar Traditional Umbrellas are specific and distinctive among them, because of interesting skilled and workmanship. As the location of production in Pathein, these umbrellas are well known and called Pathein Htee, made in Pathein (Bassein) and Pagan Umbrellas. The kings of Myanmar kingdom wore the Big umbrella called Htee Taw.

Traditional handmade garden umbrellas from Myanmar are in natural materials as teak, bamboo and cotton. The waterproof surface is made of pure cotton with traditional glue coating from the seeds of Palm tree, Bee-hive, Butter and some natural adhesive. read more...